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02 October 2009 @ 03:09 pm
2nd October 2009  

O Hai

It's raining today, the sky is a depressing grey colour. I love rainy days, but I hate it when the rain stops and you're left with that silent, grey sky. I would prefer it to be black or sunny. No inbetweens. (If you get what I mean.)

It is the second month of Spring here in Australia and I would hazard a guess that the outside temperature is 13 degrees Celsius. It's freezing. I prefer winter to summer. I hate hot weather. But it really shouldn't be this cold at this time of the year.

In other news;

I am watching the first Harry Potter Movie, and I watched The Nightmare Before Christmas beforehand. Both extremely good movies :D.

Loveline :D :D, I love listening to loveline and Dr. Drew. I wish Adam Carolla would do Loveline permanently again.

I have applied for another 20 or so full time jobs, so the odds of getting one should have improved.

I think I might start reading the book series, the Forbidden Games, It looks interesting. And yes I know it was written years ago, but I only just found out about it.

I am still too lazy to get around to updating my fanfiction. I just need a stroke of inspiration, thats all. Hopefully I will come across on soon. At the moment I am reading Fanfiction, I am re-reading Me and My Flame by Wild Charizard which is an extremely well written fanfic from the Point of View of a Charizard. When I finish that I will move onto a fanfic called Pokemon: Dark Prophecy(Sp??) which I came across on FF.net and looks very interesting.

Anyways, I have ran out of things to talk about so I will sign off

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