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05 October 2009 @ 06:38 pm
5th October 2009  
Oh hai you kind little monkey.

I am living in a shared house at the moment, looking for my own little hizzay for me to live in on my own though at the moment. Good times y'all.

I was going to ride my bike from Chadstone to Blackburn today to check my mail. I got about 500 metres up the road and the hill was very steep. I am never attempting that again. I almost died. I gave up in the end, walked my bike up the hill and to the next train station. Got a 2 hour ticket and went on my merry way. Then I went to TAFE in the afternoon to learn how to write a novel properly.

I had a McChicken burger today. I couldn't believe how nice this Macdonalds meal was. The chips were perfect and my burger had an ample amount of Chicken Mayo, it was deliscious(sp?). I will never say anything bad again about that Maccas.

Tomorrow is a new day of fun and forvollities(sp??). But now I must head off to write some more of my Novel and eat Mexicana flavoured Doritos. So I'll journal again later.


P.S remember:

Birds (with the exception of most water fowl) have hidden agendas. DO NOT trust them.
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