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06 October 2009 @ 09:30 pm
6th October 2009  

Hai again, fancy seeing you all here.

I don't have much in the way of news to report today, I am more or less writting this Journal entry just because I can.

I cooked scrambled eggs for dinner tonight, I can't work out why I fail so spectactularly at cooking, but hell yes I do. I left the kitchen smelling of gas and with overdone Scrambled eggs with too much pepper in them. (The grounded pepper varity.) And I also managed to intergrate bits of the shell into my egg so its crunchy in various parts.

I went to my mates place, his name is Chris, we watched Foxtel and laughed at random shit, It was fun. Then I took the train home and struggled yet again to ride my bike up the hill. The next place I live in better not be on a hill.

Again I am spending my night locked in my room listening, yet again, to DJ Omar Khan's New Years Mix from last year that was broadcast on KROQ, I usually don't listen to DJ stuff but I really like this mix, and the added bonus is that Sluggo talks at various intervals which makes me happy. He is my favourite KROQ Joq by far :love:

I feel stressed out, I don't like were I am living, but have to suck it up until I find a unit of my own. I hope I do find one soon, I would be happier living by myself I feel. But until then, I will have to learn to cope.

I should be writting my Novel, but I am a bit stuck at the moment, I can't find something to join the two events together. Once I do, however, it will be near impossible to stop me from writting. Even my fanfiction has taken a back seat as I want to concerntrate all my creative engery on my Novel. Though I seem to be finding more and more ways to avoid writting it, even though I do want to write it. I guess I am weird like that, yeah?

Anyways I have run out of things to waffle on about, I am surprised I was able to come out with so much considering I didn't think much happened today.

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