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10 October 2009 @ 10:10 pm
10th October 2009  


Whats doing everyone?

Because I really couldnt be f-ed I haven't bothered to update this Journal, but today I shall. Why? Because I am sick of trolling Twitter. I have been collecting as many people as I could on twitter, now I just wait to see if anyone reacts to my rabid collecting.

Hmmmm, what's new?
Well, I have been working my Arse off for the money, 'cause I tell you, I need it. My birthday is now only 5 days away :D Ummm, I'm waiting on a few replies about things IRL. More about that when I hear about them though.

I have been obsessively listening to Kevin and Bean audio. Love that radio show to bits. I stay up every night to listen to it.

I am reading an awesome book called cracked. It's written by THE DR. DREW, yes Dr. Drew of loveline, :love: loveline <3, It's really interesting and its about him working in his drug rehab centre I didn't think I would be this interested in reading it, but hell yeah its a good read.

Once again I am lazy in the actually prospect of writting my own novel and fanfiction. In 4 days I have only added 2 words to my novel and haven't even looked at my fanfictions. I'll get round to it one day.

I can feel another rant coming on, this time I think its just at the world in general. Why is the world so f-ed up. I accept that world peace will probably never happen, but people fight over the stupidest things. I will type up a full-blown rant at a later date. Because I feel a good rant brewing inside me.

I think I am doing alright, BSing about nothing for 6 or so paragraphs. My own drabble makes me have a happy, :D srsly.

A big hello to all the people of the Twilight Sucks message boards. You guys are awesome and I have much <3 for you all :love: And also to my friends that I have made on DA aswell, I <3 you guys too :love: Friends are awesome and make me have happys. lol.

Anyways I have drabbled on enough for the 10th of October so see you on the 11th of October, Yeah!